For agency owners and coaches

How I built a rapidly growing chatbot agency in 18 weeks in a saturated niche without ever running an agency before

Now I’m guessing this isn’t your first landing page with a great headline or a big promise. 
And I’ll get to that in a second.
But let me ask you a question…
Do you ACTUALLY want to… 
…scale your agency quickly?
…grow to huge revenue?
…get enough success that everyone in your life begins to secretly hate you?
Great. Then you and I want the same things…

If you have failed to grow your agency as fast as you want, it’s not your fault.

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of bad information out there and it can be confusing.

I am just now entering this space and seeing all sorts of craziness being spouted by people who made their money *selling* the dream, not actually *doing* it.

And the wrong information can keep you from hitting your goals more than anything else.

The reason most people don’t succeed is that “gurus” are selling the METHODS like…

…VAs Cold Emailing ($3/hr do the dirty work for you)

…Cold Calling (top secret script – FYI – they’re all fundamentally the same)

…Cold Messenger (top secret – FYI – you just need to do 100-200/day and you’ll figure it out)

…Working Groups (top secret – FYI – you add people to the group, ask people to comment for a free thing every week, then DM them to get them to book a call)

…Paid Ads (top secret – FYI – landing page to a schedule page to a 2-step phone sale)

And guess what – They ALL WORK

How do I know? –>I’ve used them all (and still do).

The MODEL matters more than the METHOD.
If you get the MODEL right, then all METHODS will work for you. 
But if you don’t, you’ll just keep hopping from course to course wondering why it’s not working.
Bottom line–>You just need to have a model that allows you to make more per customer than anyone else. 
When that happens you will ALWAYS be able to get as many customers as you please using ANY method.

The reality I discovered back in 2021 is that…

Most agencies don’t make any money

…that’s why the gurus teach them and don’t do them.
Here’s why…
#1 Agencies don’t make enough money up front to market aggressively
#2 They don’t make enough money over time (retainers suck)
#3 They aren’t profitable (11-20% net margins)
#4 They aren’t fun to run because you are a slave to your masters (clients)

So how do you fix it?

I honestly didn’t know until…

One day I asked myself: “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could just charge the people for the amount of money I make them?”

And that’s when it hit me.

What if there were a different model?
A model that perfectly aligned me with my customer…
…where I could monetize ALL the value I created.
…and could turn my clients OUTCOMES into INCOME
—>A Chatbot MarketingPerformance Model

…Which would allow me to effortlessly get customers.

…and make MORE per client than I did with high-ticket coaching

…with zero risk to them

…and zero churn for me, since it would only be based on performance

Imagine for a second that you stumbled on something like this?

If you’re anything like me, you would be excited about it and tell everyone you knew.

And so I did.

And people began to ask me…

“Do you think The Chatbot Marketing Performance Model will work in my space too?”

So I took 5 agency owners under my wing for a test run…

And they all got incredible results. 4 of them closed their first paying client already in the first month.

Do you think you could be successful using this Model?

Hopefully, you nodded yes

YOU (yes, you reading this) are who I am looking for. 
Here’s why…
I’m looking to partner with agencies who are looking to scale. 
Because I too – run a performance model. 

If that’s interests you, apply below…

If you're still not convinced - the only question is this... Is it worth gambling 15min of your time to see if this system could work for you? If yes, then click the button. Can't wait to meet you.